NEFirst Credit Union partners the County Council in the Durham Savers project

NEFirst Credit Union is proud to work in partnership with Durham County Council in the Durham Savers project which aims to prevent families falling into poverty and to help those in poverty to move out of poverty. The project fosters partnership between the credit union and a huge range of service providers because finance is at the heart of difficulties for families when nearly a quarter of children in the county live in poverty.  Moving the culture away from a dependence on high cost credit and toward affordable, ethical and accessible savings and borrowing connects with families’ needs in housing, health, advice and support.  The Durham Savers project enables NEFirst to offer services to more children and families so that we can all become Durham Savers.


NEFirst’s payroll deduction scheme works for Andrew James…

NEFirst Credit Union is proud to offer saving by payroll deduction to employees of participating employers like Andrew James, who have found that this was straightforward for the employer and hugely rewarding for staff. It benefits the business by moving it toward being an employer of choice, as well as contributing toward achieving the Better Health at Work Award.


NEFirst Credit Union celebrates growth in East Durham Area Action Partnership

Sid Rooke, Director NEFirst Credit Union presents ‘ceremonial’ cheque to members of East Durham AAP (Joyce Lovack, Edna Connor, Alan Miller and Malcolm Fallow) to celebrate the awarding of £500,000 worth of loans to the residents of East Durham.

From left to right: Sid Rooke (Director of the North East First Credit Union), Joyce Lovack (Shotton Residents Association), Councillor Edna Connor (Horden Youth and Community Centre), Alan Miller (Vice Chair East Durham Area Action Partnership), Malcolm Fallow (CEO of East Durham Trust).

Read more at: http://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/news/credit-Runion-sees-huge-growth-as-austerity-continues-to-bite-1-8380742

Our new shop at Gateshead

Our new shop at Gateshead

The North East Credit Union is opening its first town centre branch in Gateshead.

For the first time, they say, they will be able to offer the same facilities as rival banks and building societies on the High Street.

The NEFirst Credit Union is a merger of smaller credit unions in the region, which have provided savings and loan accounts for more than 20 years. more

Credit union ‘the way forward’ says union and council

Here are Rodney Bickerstaffe, a former General Secretary of Unison and Cllr Mick Henry, the leader of Gateshead Council:


Credit Union Opening June-5th


NE First Credit Union Gateshead Shop

11 Interchange Centre, West Street,
Gateshead, NE8 1BH
Tel: 0330 055 3666
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-2.30pm.